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Consumer Markets and Focus Groups

EGS has added a new specialty in administering focus group discussions, specializing in food and consumer products. Our concentration is in providing market research, identification of consumer segments and bringing participants together in focus groups to obtain their impressions and opinions, behavior, utilization, and preferences.

Rather than conducting a large-scale market research from the beginning, it is common to first check hypotheses with a small focus group. We analyze the collected information and create a report that includes suggestions of marketing 5Ps (Promotion, Pricing, Placement, Product and Packaging). We lead our focus group discussion in a comfortable setting, establish rapport with the group and design questions around each product to promote an interactive exchange of ideas and opinions among all participants. Analyst meeting notes are reviewed together with the video of the meeting to discern the feedback of each participant into customer segment profiles. By implementing high-quality interactive focus group discussion, EGS's analysts add additional value through our rigorous analytical procedures and our own insights into the markets for the products and incorporate specific recommendations to the final report for our customer.

The value of professionally conducted focus group discussions can provide invaluable insights into product development, presentation, packaging and consumer segment targets. Increased understanding of these components is key in helping to decide important marketing decisions. In the focus group discussion, we observe how consumers respond when actually trying the products in a small group interactive environment. Compared to interviews with each individual, we have found that an effectively run focus group discussion results in a free exchange of opinions and impressions about products.

We welcome the opportunity to consult with your company for market research and focus group discussions for companies planning to sell products in the US and companies developing products for the US market.

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