International Business Advisory Services

Eureka Global Solutions

Our staff at Eureka Global Solutions have long experience assisting clients in cross border business and are dedicated to support your company's success in the U.S. market. We also provide assistance in collaborating with your partners in the U.S., building and strengthening relationships and navigating through any issues that arise.

Our consultants have a deep understanding and practical experience in various fields of research, sales promotion and business management. We bridge differences in culture, customs, regulations and business practices between Asian countries and the U.S., and always endeavor to excel in delivering services in response to each of our customers' unique needs.



U.S. Food and Drug Administration ("FDA") and other regulatory agency applications

EGS provides regulatory consultancy services to foreign manufacturers, distributors and importers, assisting our clients in obtaining regulatory approvals, certifications and licenses for the FDA, the US Department of Agriculture, the Federal Trade Commission and the Environmental Protection Agency. We endeavor always to efficiently and cost effectively deliver a solution to our customers through all compliance requirements, with experience obtaining FDA and other regulatory approvals for pharmaceuticals, foods and drinks, food contact materials, food additives, medical devices and veterinary products.

Our PhD scientific and regulatory advisors, many affiliated with UCLA, have expertise in FDA regulations and compliance requirements, pharmaceutical product testing requirements and microbiology research that can be leveraged to meet your particular product application.

We welcome all inquiries and are eager to assist you in determining the necessary regulatory applications and information requirements to efficiently obtain U.S regulatory approvals. Read More >>


Business Advisory Services

Eureka Global Solutions ("EGS") provides consultancy services to assist in the expansion of your company's business in the United States. Our services include assistance with market research, risk management, regulatory and legal requirements, business structure and operational planning. The bilingual and bicultural consultants at Eureka Global Solutions have extensive cross-border business experience in a wide variety of business fields, including industry and market research, with expertise in health, cosmetic and food products. Read More >>


Consumer Markets and Focus Groups

EGS has added a new specialty in administering focus group discussions, specializing in food and consumer products. Our concentration is in providing market research, identification of consumer segments and bringing participants together in focus groups to obtain their impressions and opinions, behavior, utilization, and preferences. Read More >>


Translation and Interpretation Services

EGS provides support for your business through our translation and interpreter services from either English to Japanese or from Japanese to English. Specialized areas of expertise include healthcare and various scientific fields, economics, finance and accounting, and legal agreements. Read More >>