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Eureka Global Solutions LLC

Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) Los Angeles Office Healthcare Sector Advisor

Business Advisory Services between Japan and the U.S.

Eureka Global Solutions ("EGS") provides consultancy services to assist in the expansion of your company's business between Japan and the United States. Our services include assistance with Japan market research, regulatory and legal requirements, and selection of a business partner in Japan as well as leveraging our cultural and business experience in Japan.

The bilingual and bicultural personnel at Eureka Global Solutions have extensive cross-border business experience in a wide variety of business fields, including Japan industry and market research, with expertise in healthcare and food products.

Our market research includes a detailed analysis of Japanese market size and growth prospects, major players, barriers to entry, legal and regulatory requirements, and marketing and distribution. An adequate understanding of the Japanese market will help you navigate an appropriate business and marketing strategy. We will work closely with you to define the nature and scope of your business needs and tailor our research to meet your specific requirements.

We can assist you in all aspects of developing your business strategy, including conference calls and/or attendance of meeting in Japan to meet with prospective business partners, selection of partner and preparation of presentations. We also provide assistance in preparation of necessary agreements, business negotiations and execution of agreements, as needed. In addition, we can assist you with communications for your business in Japan on an ongoing basis as your business grows.

U.S. Food and Drug Administration ("FDA") regulatory applications

EGS has wide experience assisting providing guidance and assistance to our clients through FDA regulatory approvals. We have assisted clients in obtaining FDA approval for pharmaceuticals, foods and drinks, food contact materials, food additives, medical devices and veterinary products. We welcome all inquiries and are eager to assist you in determining the necessary regulatory applications and information requirements to efficiently obtain U.S regulatory approvals.

Our personnel resources include PhD scientific and regulatory advisors affiliated with UCLA with expertise in FDA regulations and compliance requirements, pharmaceutical product testing requirements and micro-biological research that can be leveraged to meet your particular product application.

Translation and Interpretation Services

EGS provides support for your business through our translation and interpreter services from either English to Japanese or from Japanese to English. Specialized areas of expertise include healthcare and various scientific fields, economics, finance and accounting, and legal agreements. Our specialists have solid experience in each of these areas. Our translation quality process includes review and proof reading by native speakers to ensure consistent and high quality in our final work products.

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